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Our mission at Texas Reading Institute - The Woodlands, is to equip struggling readers with the tools necessary to navigate the complex English language. We will provide scientifically based, systematic instruction in reading, comprehension, and writing.

Students will receive one-on-one explicit instruction which has been proven to be the gold standard of evidence-based instruction. Explicit instruction “does not leave anything to chance and does not make assumptions about the skills and knowledge that children will acquire on their own” (Torgesen, 2004, p. 5). Explicit instruction identifies and responds to the specific known obstacles that cause students to struggle with reading. Explicit instruction develops sufficient segmenting, beginning phonics code (sounds represented by one letter), and blending skills, so that students can understand and apply the alphabetic principle. These vital skills are needed before the student meets irregular code and “sight words” that often confuse many students.

Once students develop the necessary skills to become more fluent readers they are then able to work on the strategies needed to increase critical comprehension skills. The final component of the program will be to work on the organizational skills needed to become proficient writers. We do this by working through the writing process in a methodical way to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

We look forward to working together to help your child be more successful in the classroom.

Please contact us for any additional information.

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Word on the Street

Hands down the most detailed, insightful, compressive reading tutor we have ever worked with.
It was a dream come true when Tracy opened in The Woodlands.
Her explicit instruction with this program has completely changed our lives.
Tracy will stop at nothing to make sure your child understands each piece of the program. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but she is kind, loving, encouraging and my sons biggest fan.
Practice makes 
progress and this program proves it. 
Since we started the program last August downtown, I have seen Benjamin’s confidence raise two fold...something a parent wants for their child who learns differently.
I cannot tell
You how many people I have recommended to this program because it works, it’s practical and most importantly, I get it (most of the time)! I can work with Benjamin on a daily basis and together we can both become better readers.
Thank you thank you thank you!!
It’s been a looooooooooooong road with countless tutors and in-school support that frankly didn’t touch the surface for my son.
With this program you see results after a few one on one sessions. 
I promise you, there is nothing better than to hear your child read a page in a book, and then confidentially turn to you and say, OMG mom, I can read!!

Susan Salinger

John continues to make progress and it is a joy to see him not fake the words anymore. He gets them right. You can see the joy of accomplishment on his face.

Gayle Fisher

My daughter has dyslexia and we have tried everything to help her with reading. Years and years of different programs. This program has been the only program that has increased her fluency, confidence and for the first time ever she has recognized that she has become a better reader. The program is one of the best and Tracy and her team are amazing.

Ann Herrmann

Every child deserves to be educated with this quality of teaching and curriculum. I'm so thankful we found Tracy Niznik and her amazing team of teachers. They are completely focused on understanding exactly which phonograms the child has mastered and which need to strengthened before moving to the next level. Each clinician is so obviously passionate about serving the child.

As my daughter's skills develop, Tracy does an amazing job of keeping her challenged. There were 3 times this year that Anna mastered the material before she reached the end of the Reader.  I love that Tracy will NEVER keep Anna in a Leveled Reader just for the sake of finishing a book, or for the motive of keeping us as clients longer. 

I love that this curriculum has an abundance of expertly designed Leveled Readers that ONLY use sound pictures (phonograms) the child has been taught. 

I love the strategically designed spelling worksheets. There is no other curriculum available that explicitly teaches reading AND spelling up to college level text with an abundance of reading practice.

My daughter is energetic, easily distractible, and often anxious. Tracy and all the clinicians at TRI-WOODLANDS have a way of redirecting her to the lesson that is magical. We are consistently assigned with the same clinician, but on the rare occasion that we have a substitute clinician, I love that Anna gets the same quality lesson: consistently worded, explicit instruction in sounds and how they are represented in print.

The instructional material is more thorough in implementation and execution than every other explicit Orton Gillingham curriculum I purchased such as: SWR (Spell to Write and Read), Wise Guide to Spelling, Bob Books, TimberDoodle, The Writing Road to Reading, Spalding, Scientific Spelling, Neuhaus, Johnny Can Read, Simply Charlotte Mason Delightful Reading (which has so much similarities to whole word instruction methods that I hesitate to include it in the list), All About Reading, All About Spelling, the Logic of English, Phono-graphix, Hooked on Phonics, Lindamood Bell, and Scottish Rite. As I write this list, I realize that I have been a little obsessed with meeting the needs of my dyslexic child. 

I like that the clinicians with TRI-WOODLANDS have been trained and certified by the author of the curriculum, Dr. Eldo Bergman.

Our journey with dyslexia treatment is unusual. My husband and I are both engineers, so we chose to get assessments and cost quotes from 3 highly recommended dyslexia programs. We did trial lessons at each, evaluating their staff and teaching materials (in a spreadsheet, haha) for the best fit for my daughter's needs.  My daughter has the unsettling ability to ask linguistic questions that stump even the most experienced reading instructors. 

Dr. Bergman's explicit reading instruction program covers everything from phonemic awareness and segmenting sounds to reading, spelling, comprehending text and inference, writing college level text, and even Spanish phonograms. I suspect Dr. Bergman of being a polymath. You can Google him, and his work is cited by other reading programs like LearningRx.  He is a pediatrician and neurologist who took up the cause of curing Dyslexia and advocating for children with Dyslexia when his kids were young and not being taught to read well in HISD. He was so relentless and skilled, that in his parenting journey he ended up mastering linguistics in several languages, writing his own reading curriculum, building a talking computer to read biology textbooks to his son, drafting portions of Texas educational legislation, and drafting teaching standards for HISD.

 In 2000, Dr. Bergman and the Texas Reading Institute worked with the University of Texas in groundbreaking NICHD studies that used brain scans to show how visual, sound, and language centers of the brain interact during reading aquisition. The studies were the first to show that struggling readers use different, less efficient neural pathways to process sounds compared to 80% of children learning to read. The studies concluded that after 60 hours of explicit, effective reading instruction, the MRIs of struggling readers' brains showed they had switched neural pathways, and were processing sounds and letters in the same location as most children.

This finding sparked development of a special kind of EEG that can diagnose NEWBORNS with future reading aquisition difficulties! 

We are so lucky to have TRI-WOODLANDS. We took Dr. Bergman's research seriously and decided to homeschool so we could log as many instructional hours per week as possible to get Anna up to 3rd grade level ASAP. 

It worked! We started in July 2019, logging 6 to 8 hours reading instruction per week and by October 2019, Anna has jumped 2.5 grade levels!!!!  Now she reads chapter books for fun.

It would have been much harder to log that many hours if we had to commute from The Woodlands to Dr. Bergman's office in Houston. 

I love that since the clinicians are also certified teachers, I can have them also tutor my kids in any other subject. Math, Language Arts, Writing, standardized test tutoring, Penmanship, Literature, History, Science, even Foreign Language tutoring is available. 

Dawn Witt

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